Fitness Classes

Now that you are here, let us convince you to start exercising regularly. Statistics tell us that a person has a more restful and peaceful sleep immediately following exercise! With better quality sleep, you will have an easier time waking up instead of hitting the snooze button. Exercise also can provide an escape from the hectic lifestyle many of us lead each day.

The Bureau County Metro Center is designed with our community in mind. We help meet your personal goals by offering reasonable pricing in a family friendly setting. We have our state of the art Cardio Room that is included with the basic membership plan offers an area for stretching and warm up exercises. Stationary machines include cross-trainers, bicycles and treadmills. You can concentrate on building muscle or toning your body in our weight room. We offer a full range of weight machines including pec fly, shoulder press, leg press, hip ab/adductor as well as free weights.

Membership plans and weight room memberships are available for individuals, couples, families, teens and seniors. Your fitness program can be tailored by YOU to meet YOUR needs, whether that includes Group Exercise or Personal Training.

Fitness & Cycling Classes

Different Fitness Classes are held throughout the year based on availability of teachers. Below are descriptions of classes we are currently offering or have offered in the past.

Updated June 2023

MVe Pilates
Mve is the next generation of Pilates equipment based group exercise. The MVe Fitness chair work out is a heart pumping, music driven group class. These workouts are fun, energetic, and produce great results. It is challenging for a beginner and the elite athlete alike. The MVe Fitness Chair workouts combine balance training, sports specific training and core training in a group fitness environment. It includes elements of flexibility, coordination and strength training. It compliments other activities such as step, indoor cycling, yoga, conditioning classes and weight training. Call to reserve your spot!

Combining the techniques of Joseph Pilates, free weights, and fitness balls this class gives a complete body workout with an emphasis on strengthening the core muscles, abs, & back. The format consist of Pilates based exercises, yoga, and flexibility stretches.

Compliment your workout with ball based core – conditioning. This unique mind/body class combines the best core conditioning and stabilization exercises for the abs & back. The format consist of Pilates based exercises, yoga, and flexibility stretches.

Bosu training will give you a great heart pumping workout as well as challenge your balance. This introductory class combines both upper and lower body strength moves to maximize your 45 minute workout on the BOSU. A great way to increase strength, stability and stamina at a level that is safe and effective for maximum learning. Call to reserve your spot.

Body Works
This strength training class is guaranteed to make you a FIRM believer in the benefits and results of muscle conditioning. A variety of floor exercises and stretching will be used to tone and define.

Boot Camp
Fun Work * Hard Play! This type of a workout engages the entire body by going from one exercise to another. This nontraditional class is individualistic, allowing participants to challenge themselves as much as they want, and requires little equipment. Participants will also have the opportunity to compete against one another in teams. But, unlike high school gym class, no one gets picked last, and the friendly competition serves to encourage rather than discourage. Boot camp consists of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise such as running (short distances), push-ups, sprints, lunges, team-building events, jumping jacks, jumping rope, kickboxing, Yoga, mat work, stability ball training, stretching, cone drills, obstacle courses, and whatever else it takes to distract you from the fact that you’re getting a great workout! Every day will be a completely different workout * never predictable * never, ever boring and always an adventure!

Spinning is a class on a stationary bike that is physically and mentally challenging. This class leads you through a journey that simulates a variety of terrains. Each individual controls his/her intensity by use of various adjustments made to the bike. The toning segment is 10-15 minutes and follows this class. It focuses on strengthening the upper body, as well as, targeting the abdominals.

Aquatic Classes

Aquatic Classes are held throughout the year based on availability of teachers. Below are descriptions of classes we are currently offering or have offered in the pass.

Coming Soon

Pool Pals
Do you have arthritis, replacement parts, or fibromyalgia but love to exercise? We have the perfect class for you! Our staff will lead you through a series of specially designed low impact exercises that can help improve flexibility and help relieve pain and stiffness with the soothing aid of the water’s buoyancy.

Early Bird
If you want to start your day out early with some invigorating exercise and fun in the pool, then this class is for you! Tone those muscles and increase your breathing. This water workout is designed for all ages and allows you to work at your own level and pace.

Water Walking
Shape up, slim down, and feel good with this popular water workout. Along with exercising side to side in the pool, cardiovascular segments have been added to help strengthen your heart and tone muscles. Exercise at your own pace. Signup for this class and feel the difference of exercising in our refreshing pool!

Hydro Tone
This aquatic class uses optimal hydro-tone equipment to amplify the natural resistance of the soothing water to improve muscle tone while getting a great cardiovascular workout! You can burn fat calories and increase your flexibility too!

Noodle Workout
Enjoy this challenging workout packed with interesting movements and unique variations using the Noodle. You will begin with strength training, progressing to moderate intensity aerobics, and finishing with an all out high intensity power cycle. Come have fun with this exhilarating non-stop workout!

Aquatic Step
Aquatic Step Aerobics Perform basic exercises that are common exercises on land in the water. Intense workout focuses on body positioning and form while exercising. Participants use water resistance and breathing exercises to achieve maximum calorie burning and lean muscle development, as well as improvement in range of motion. A great cardio training workout.