Disc Golf Course

The Princeton Park District opened a 9 hole Disc Golf Course located at the Bureau County Metro Center and the adjacent Alexander Park in the fall of 2006.

What is Disc Golf?

The object of the sport is very similar to that of golf, except that flying discs (also known as Frisbees) are used in place of clubs and balls. The course is comprised of 9 or 18 holes that vary in par from 3 to 5 throws per hole. Each hole has a tee box marking area from where the player must throw his first shot. The hole ends where the player throws the disc into the “Pole Hole” or “Target”. Scores are kept in the same manner as ball golf, with the winner being the person with the lowest overall score.

Disc golf is a new favorite in P.E. classes and grows in popularity each summer. You will find the young and young at heart enjoying the game.

A sunny day, with a slight breeze …the ultimate weather conditions that make for the perfect afternoon of a disc golf game. We invite you to come out and play a round or two.

Our Disk Golf Course is located throughout the grounds surrounding the Bureau County Metro Center and Alexander Park.